CleverCleaningTip#2: Try keeping an open box of baking soda in the fridge to keep it smelling fresh and clean. OR! Try some other alternatives. Oats, coffee grinds, and vinegar can all be used to absorb bad smells. Pick one, spread on a baking sheet or pour in a bowl and then leave it there for a couple days to get that fresh smell back.

CleverCleaningTip#3: Use Cola as a cheap (yet very effective) toilet bowl cleaner. Both generic and brand name cola products are equally effective. All you have to do is pour in a can's worth of cola, leave it for an hour, scrub it, and then flush! No need for commercial cleaners here.

CleverCleaningTip#4: Got ink stains? No problem. Get those pesky stains out of your clothes by giving them an overnight milk bath. You only need enough milk to keep the stain submerged. Then wash like normal the next day and you should be ink-free.

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